Busy – busy! I have not had much time to write, here, but life is good! Roxane will be talking soon – she already has a good grasp of “bye, bye,” “no,” “mama,” “papa,” and mumbles a lot to us – she will repeat things, like we are supposed to understand. Mom and Dad were here last weekend, and Dave and Mel came down to eat dinner Friday night, then stay up late chatting, and waiting for Roxane to go to sleep… Here she comes, running into the office! I have spent a good bit of spare time installing a new server, and compiling PHP, netpbm and all the libraries needed for image manipulation, to run Gallery. I will get some time to update the text, sometime, unless there are any creative volunteers 😉 Let me know if you want a login, so you can upload images to the server, or if you want to help update the album and image tags. This is currently on DynDNS, so go to http://www.pbandjelly.org/gallery/ (now on this server) to see the gallery. Again, please let me know if you want a login to post to your own albums – the more the merrier!