Clean Debian Lenny KDE Install (cont.)

Well, since I didn’t have a whole lot of time invested in my install as in the previous post, and since I did not quickly sort out why the heck I could not suspend/lock with the KDE power manager widget, I thought I would give the weekly build of the Lenny KDE install disk a try to see if I got any decent results. As it turns out, the install is a nice selection of default KDE software, and suspend with desktop locking works out of the box – this is definitely the way to go 🙂

As for any KDE issues I’ve found, the only one that I can think of is that KDE v3.5 does not support URL link opening in a browser from Konsole (this is new in KDE v4.1) – seems it can be done, but it might be rather messy, so copy/paste for now.

Amarok simply rocks for managing the data on my new iPod – music and cover art sync work perfectly (with the gtk-linked libgpod3 (not the -nogtk package)), .m4v MPEG4 video file uploads work well (transcoded from XviD .avi’s using mkipod from the mp4tools package, and id tags updated using mp4tags from the mpeg4ip-utils package). The new iPod Classic 120G Gen6 and amarok are the big reasons for giving KDE a try (yeah, I could have just installed amarok under Gnome, along with the necessary libs, but I needed an excuse to give KDE an evaluation)