Fitting Fortune

[michael@apollo ~]$ ssh slack
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Last login: Thu Mar 17 14:49:09 2005 from apollo
Linux 2.6.11.

If God had intended Man to Smoke, He would have set him on Fire.

michael@slack 15:45:32 ~ $

Gaim with SSL on Slackware-Current

Recently, Pat removed Mozilla-1.7.5 from Slackware-Current and replaced it with Mozilla-Firefox-1.0.1. I use a Jabber server that only accepts SSL connections, and after the upgrade to Mozilla-Firefox, Gaim failed to connect with the error, “SSL support unavailable”.

root@slack 11:51:10 ~ # echo /usr/lib/firefox >> /etc/
root@slack 11:51:21 ~ # ldconfig

Gaim finds the nss and nsspr libs and the connection works perfectly, again 🙂