Debian 3.1r0a “Sarge” on Dell 600m

This will bounce around a bit, while I keep a few notes on my new Sarge install.

I have been tracking Slackware-current for about a year on this laptop, and wanted something a little easier to maintain. Don’t get me wrong – I love Slack, and use it on several workstations and servers, but my lappy needed lots of custom rolled packages to get CPU frequency scaling, laptop-mode, vpn connectivity to my office, and some other stuff running. With some long-ish periods between use, tracking current became a bit of a job, and when vpnc needed to be rebuilt because of some low-level library change, I decided to go the Debian route. (Besides, the 8G NTFS partition on the drive needed to grow a little to fit a new game 😉

I decided to track Debian Stable, since a Debian Unstable workstation I have in the office has been, well… unstable at times.
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