Crawling, now!


Oh, my goodness, how long it has been since I have updated this… A week ago you started crawling and you are a champion, doing laps up and down the hall! Michelle and I have moved us all to San Antonio, Texas, to be close to all of your family members that live here. You have aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents that all love to spend time with you. You started “school” and seem to love it! Miss Connie and the other teachers at Laurel Heights think you are the cutest baby, and they are right! I have so many things to catch everyone up with… You are starting to eat real food, love rice and beans, asparagus, peas, carrots, squash, and sweet potatoes. Tofu was a big hit, too, but we have only given you a bit to start out, and keep an eye on your earlier soy problem. You are so cute when you – c’mon everyone try it together – put your fingers on your lips, and run ’em up and down, and BbBbBbBbBbBb… HeHee! You have been to the beach in Port Aransas, we visited several hot springs in Colorado before leaving, played in the mountains… I miss it, but San Antonio is a beautiful city, and we are having fun. We are about to buy a great house, in an awesome neighborhood, and can’t wait to settle into life, here. Work is fun – I am a UNIX Sys Admin at Rackspace – a very fun, and growing company. Michelle is working as a councelor for a private practice, and is getting busy with new clients. I am rambling, and need to go home to see you! So many pictures to load here… about 6 CD’s I think. I love you!