it wasn’t me..

My mail server is going mad.. It looks like some spammer decided to use my domain and I am currently rejecting thousands of emails to the user ‘fidpbandjellyqid’ at my domain.. Sorry, but it wasn’t me..
valid email graph
rejected email graph
update: (Thu Jun 21 18:18:27) – the mail traffic is slowly but surely tapering off, but total rejected messages in the last few days is currently at 118,796 and counting..


Another little tidbit.. I use this frequently to translate epoch timestamps from a Postgres database log table:

# translate epoch time to human readable local time
use strict;
use warnings;
my $epoch = $ARGV[0];
if ( $epoch ) {
print "Epoch time: ".$epoch."\n";
print "Local time: ".localtime($epoch)."\n";
} else {
print "This script takes an argument of an epoch timestamp and translates it to local time:\n\n";
print " perl 1131662204\n\n";


CSV Output from ‘psql’ – courtesy of Will R.

psql -A -F$FS -R$RS -f$FILE -h$HOST -d$DB -U$USER \
| sed 's/"/""/g' \
| sed "s/$FS/\",\"/g" \
| sed "s/$RS/\"\n\"/g" \
| sed '1s/^\(.*\)$/"\1/' \
| grep -v "^\"([0123456789]\+ row[s]\?)$"

This script will properly escape commas, quotes, and newlines. It will also leave the headers, but remove the row counts. This is useful for generating true csv output from the command line for automated reports (without requiring python and psycopg).

Save the script (ie., make it executable, place your query in a file (ie. query.sql), then run:

./ query.sql > report.csv