Slackware Security Updates

Pat V. emailed a group of Slackware collaborators in Brazil and tasked them with keeping official package updates while he is working on getting better. The updates are currently only available via HTTP, and a few attempts to mirror with wget get a bunch of html junk files, as usual.

The team and the GUS team are, currently, talking about working together, and I will follow this closely, so that the package mirror will, hopefully, contain what is going to be considered “official” updates.

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Slackware Security Mirror

In Patrick Volkerding’s absence, due to his health, a number of Slackware users started to keep up with security concerns. I set up a local mirror of the slacksec packages and they are available via http and ftp:

(links removed – no longer available)

Firefox and Thunderbird on Slackware-10.0

Recently, I upgraded my Slackware-9.1 workstation with a fresh install of Slackware-10.0. A couple of the applications that I use heavily are Mozilla’s Firefox and Thunderbird, so these got fresh installs, as well. A quick copy of my old bookmarks file is all I need to restore Firefox, and I use IMAP for email, so all messages are kept on the servers, and all I need to do is set up the accounts.

Unlike the full Mozilla suite (browser/email together) Firefox and Thunderbird are standalone applications that are not aware of one another, so the frustrating tasks of copying email addresses from a bowser to the email client, and copying URL’s from emails to a browser are things that I just lived with. Some desktops, like Gnome have some global configuration’s for filetypes that can make setting default applications pretty easy, but I am a Fluxbox user – fast and no fluff – so there are no global application settings.

After reading through reams of forum posts and scripts, I found a pair of simple scripts, and created user.js configs for each application to call the other appropriately. Read on for the details and scripts!
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