Dinner Alone


I put another roll of photos up, and these are some of the best we have, so far – especially the ones of you grinning! Marc and Kjirsten had a great time babysitting you, last night, and Michelle and I went out for dinner, alone, for the first time since you arrived. We missed you! Most of the conversation was, “Roxane did…, today, …and isn’t it cute when she…!” We had a nice time, but we missed ‘little choo-choo’ (not sure where that one came from). You can sit anytime, Marc and Kjirsten – you looked right at home! Michelle has started running a few days a week (slowly), and has been feeling really good. The three of us have been to the Rec Center a few times in the last week, and Roxane has fun splashing and being held near the hottub – the socializing, exercise, and warmth seem to make her sleep really sound those nights. (Yes! Baby sleep trick #1 has been found!) Not much else is new – can’t wait to see everyone in San Antonio over Easter weekend!




I went back and copied a few emails from just after you were born. Just wanted to share…


Date: 1/15/2002 09:51:03 EST
From: ShulerCo@xxxxxx.com
To: michael_at_pbandjelly.org
Subject: Good AM

Oh, the pics are just wonderful. Thank you both so much. I went to yoga with teary eyes. They all say Hi. They remember you, Michelle because you are the only person to ever show up in a baseball hat. Well, we have tickets. Will arrive on Feb.5 at 11 Am. Can’t come the next week because of something Dad’s got going at work. Hope that’s OK. We’ll see you guys a day or two,then go up to Glenwood, then come back down and see you again before we go home How’s that? Hope everyone slept well. Roxane is just gorgeous. Big hands. Beautiful. You’ll have so much fun with her. Talk to you soon.

Love Mom.


Date: 1/15/2002 12:34:57 -0500
From: olson.wanda@xxxxxx.xxx.net
To: michael_at_pbandjelly.org
Subject: Congratulations!

Hi Mike,

Your Mom was my matron of honor in my 1965 wedding. Before that we were at UT together a couple of years. So, your parents and I go waaaay back! I’ve loved sharing Michelle’s pregnancy and the birth of your daughter via the web site photos and will look forward to seeing her grow up. Then I will begin telling her stories of the past. Just kidding.

Best wishes to you, Michelle, and Roxane.


Date: 1/15/2002 12:36:13 -0500
From: Mickey Riemondy
To: michael_at_pbandjelly.org
Subject: Roxane

Congratulations! If you’re half as proud and happy as Linda, you’re bursting out all over.

Prayers and good wishes,
Mickey and Dave


Date: 1/15/2002 18:20:03 -0500
From: Betty and Rich Van Guilder
To: michael_at_pbandjelly.org
Subject: Congratulations

Roxane Louise is beautiful. You and Michelle do good work! The grandparents are excited to see Sprout.

Enjoy your sweet baby girl,
Cousin Betty & Rich


Date: 1/16/2002 11:47:39 -0600
From: Tim Kelley
To: michael_at_pbandjelly.org
Subject: Roxy

Mama & baby are beautiful. Great photos. Congratulations. Can’t wait to meet her. We’ll call this weekend.



Date: 1/16/2002 17:55:59 +0000
From: Linda Smith
To: michael_at_pbandjelly.org
Subject: From: Fred W. McPeake

Michael and Michelle:

You have a beautiful daughter. Thanks for the photos. Congratulations and best wishes.

Fred and Marion


Date: 1/16/2002 15:03:23 EST
From: MERRITTC9@xxxxxxxx.com
To: michael_at_pbandjelly.org
Subject: Got’em

Dear Michael and Michelle:

Thanks for the help. We got the pictures attached to your e-mail and accessed the website pictures too. We’re printing some out now. You’re right: she is perfect! Roxane and Michelle both look beautiful! Hope all is well. Talk to you again soon.

Much love, Karen.

Bumping Along…


Today, I am working on photos, and wanted to add a couple of notes. Roxane, you are so tolerant of Michelle and I, as we learn about what you like / dislike – and you travel well! You put up with us when we want to take you out for strolls, fussing with your little fleece jumper and hat, getting you strapped in the stroller, and getting going in general. You seem to like the actual strolling part, and look around for a while, then fall asleep – only to wake up as soon as you stop bumping along! It is fun to take you places. You had your first little trip away from home, last weekend, when we took you up to the hot springs at Indian Springs. Michelle and I swapped babysitting in the hotel with you and Mercy-dog, while the other went up to the caves to soak away the kinks in the body and the mind. This was the first time that Michelle’s docs let her hot-tub since surgery, so it was especially relaxing for her. We also visited the little store in Idaho Springs, Rocky Mountain Log Furniture, where we first decided that we were ready to start a family. We were visiting the hot springs on Thanksgiving in 2000, and talking while shopping in town, when in the back room of this store we finally said to each other, “Let’s have a baby.” We cried and hugged, and were so emotional that we couldn’t get it together enough to actually buy something that day. So, last weekend, we went back to find a couple of mementos of our decision to have you, Sprout. How happy we are! Michelle found a very special little faerie, who is holding a leaf as an umbrella. I picked out a river stone pendant that has a Cloud Man petroglyph carved on the front – he represents the seasons and change. The changes we have experienced in the last couple of years have been great, and we have cherished every moment.


New Tricks!


We need to catch everone up! You have been great fun in the last month. Grandma Linda, Grandpa Ben, and Uncle Dave all came to see you for a week in February, and they had a great time feeding, burping, changing, and talking to you. Thanks Mom and Dad for all you have done, and for coming and spending a great week with us. Michelle and I respect the experience you have, and your wise advice. Dave, you were absolutely radiant while you were with Roxane, and you are going to make a wonderful dad! (Michelle says, “Sucker!”) Thanks Mom, Dad, and Dave for helping us through a tough couple of days with Roxane’s little irritated bum. We were glad you were here to take Roxane to Children’s Hospital with Michelle – that would have been tough without Dr. Mom! The result of Roxane’s tests were dairy and soy allergies – so much for most formulas on the market! We have since been using Nutramagen mixed with goat’s milk with no problems, and you can’t get enough! We also started mixing in some rice cereal, once during the day and once before bed, and you are sleeping a solid 4-5 hours at night.

Uncle Tom and Aunt Sally came for a visit the next weekend and brought you your first quartz crystal and a very cool wolf stuffed animal. You also got several visits from friends and neighbors, and everyone thinks you are the cutest baby. (Your Mom and I think so, too!)

The card that Tom and Sally gave you, reads, “All of our Blessings for a beautiful new addition to the family. Your mom & dad’s watchful eyes will guide you, Little Buffalo. Enjoy seeing all that is to come and Love as you are greatly Loved. Sally and Tommy-San” Michelle and I had a good cry after reading this… Thank you both for all your love – you are two truly lovely souls. Tom, I am so grateful I decided to come to Colorado to spend a month with you (…six years ago).

Now for your new tricks! About two weeks ago, you started smiling a little, and now I count smiles that I get in the morning to gauge my day – today is about a 15-Smile Day! Only a few days ago you started mimicking my little sing-song, “Luna says, Me-Ow – Mercy says, Woof-Woof.” You make a little circle with your mouth and say, “Ooo-Ooo!” So, I guess we could say your first word is Woof! And at 8 weeks old – your so advanced…! Michelle and I took you to the Rec Center last night, and you got your first swim. You seemed to like it just fine – amazing how well little babies float! You also looked very cute in your little gingham bathing suit with a big daisy on the front. Well, I hope that catches everyone up a bit – I hope to spend some time tomorrow loading more pictures on the server.


Thanks, Chris

I received an email, today, that I wanted to share:

Subject: Your baby daughter
From: Chris Collingwood
Date: 03/06/2002 09:17 AM
To: michael_at_pbandjelly.org


I had a brilliant time reading your website notes. How I wish this technology was available when my two were born (Ryan – natural deliver 1 July 1983, and Nicolette – C-section 2 March 1989). If you really feel driven, you can see the little out of date site I put up for my grandson (Emergency C-section 19 June 2001)(http://tracy.williams.bleeker.nom.za). Tracy is my step-daughter.

I came upon your site from reading postings to the BLT maillist. I have a thing about going to look at interesting websites (like yours).

Chris Collingwood

East Coast South Africa

Michelle and I got a kick out of your note, Chris, thank you for writing!