Welcome to pbandjelly.org!

Roxie is going to be 3 years old, soon! Hard to believe… Roxane Louise was born at 8:32am on January 14, 2002. She was 8 pounds, 15 ounces, and 20 1/2 inches long.

Heartfelt thanks for everyone’s love, support, well wishes, and emails! We dearly appreciate our families and friends.

🙂 Michael and Michelle

Hi all! I have a bit of migration work ahead, to move all the notes over and get the entries placed into the database, but pbandjelly.org is finally moved over to a nice little CMS called Nucleus. Hope you like it! (pbandjelly.org has been moved to WordPress, January 2006 – thanks for the 4 years of good blogging, Nucleus!)

Please, feel free to leave comments, and I will try to add an update now and then 😉


One thought on “Welcome to pbandjelly.org!”

  1. Well, here it is, I’m officially a blogger – a completely new site design using a nice little CMS, and all the old notes are in the database – look under Archives for older stuff. Whew. Minimal design, yes, but fast page loads, and I kind of like simple and sparse!

    Leave some comments for Roxane! You don’t have to use a real name or email address – the comments can be left anonymously. We can probably figure out who you are 😉 Hehe.

    If you want to add articles, please, let me know, and I will send you a login to be able to add your own items!


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