My new “E” and kayaks

I have had my 2006 Element for about 4 months and hadn’t posted anything about it – it is definitely a cool vehicle that will get lots of good use 🙂

I got a little Pelican Burst for Christmas, and a couple days ago we bought a Apex 129T to go along with it. Michelle is going down to the beach this weekend, and I am in Chicago for PyCon2008, so we loaded up the boats on Wednesday before I left for the airport – they both fit (whew..)
E and yaks

5 thoughts on “My new “E” and kayaks”

  1. I just came across your post – great pic. I bought my Element in 03 and have never had a single problem with it, it’s a great car. I have a question for you – what kind of rack system do you have? I happen to be looking at getting a Pelican 129T but not sure how to carry it. You can email me at (removed). Thanks in advance!

  2. It’s a fun boat – we take the kayaks to the beach to fish and (attempt to) surf a little. If there is a little surf, it gets to be a lot of work and a lot of time in the water, but they are fun. I have a friend that has a couple 129T’s on a little lake north of San Antonio, and that is the ideal place to piddle around.

  3. hi michael,

    i just bought an Apex 129t from my neighbor. does our fill up with water? not just where you sit but inside the boat. whenever i pull the kayak out of the water i have to pull the plug and drain gallons of water out before i put on top of my car. i cannot seam to find any other holes other than where the plug goes. i hope i dont have a crack. thanks and regards, drew.

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