Roxane’s torus fracture

torus fracture
torus fracture

Yesterday, Roxane and I went roller skating at Ethan’s birthday party, and near the end of the afternoon, Roxane fell. She cried for a few minutes longer than her typical, “I got hurt.. I’m OK.” Roxane and I debated on whether she needed or wanted to see a doc, but we decided to go to have someone take a look. Turns out that she does have a mild torus fracture of her radius, which is a compression of the bone without a clean break line (I drew an arrow on the x-ray). Roxie is currently in a splint and ace bandage, but might get a cast in a day or two. She is not in pain, slept fine last night, but we still need to go see an orthopedic doc.
I love you, Roxane!

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