Where to begin… The last few weeks have been exiting! Michelle and I have had your room ready for a couple of weeks. We have been working on building your little furniture set, and getting all your clothes unpacked from your Texas cousins, Hanna, Emma, and Mia. You have lots to wear! The Docs at Boulder Women’s Care say that you are going to be quite large, and we have scheduled a C-Section for Monday morning, January 14th. You will probably be born at about 8am. It has been a well informed, yet difficult decision – we wanted to experience a natural birth, but trust that our care-givers have the best in mind for you and Michelle. It is so odd scheduling a baby… We have been focusing for so long on getting through labor, and now have the opportunity to bring you into this world with no fuss or stress – pampered – just like we thought you might be!

🙂 Michael