Dinner Alone


I put another roll of photos up, and these are some of the best we have, so far – especially the ones of you grinning! Marc and Kjirsten had a great time babysitting you, last night, and Michelle and I went out for dinner, alone, for the first time since you arrived. We missed you! Most of the conversation was, “Roxane did…, today, …and isn’t it cute when she…!” We had a nice time, but we missed ‘little choo-choo’ (not sure where that one came from). You can sit anytime, Marc and Kjirsten – you looked right at home! Michelle has started running a few days a week (slowly), and has been feeling really good. The three of us have been to the Rec Center a few times in the last week, and Roxane has fun splashing and being held near the hottub – the socializing, exercise, and warmth seem to make her sleep really sound those nights. (Yes! Baby sleep trick #1 has been found!) Not much else is new – can’t wait to see everyone in San Antonio over Easter weekend!