2 thoughts on “3 Hurricanes in a Month”

  1. I called Mom and Dad on Saturday a couple of times – we had not heard what they were going to do. Dave and I talked this morning, and neither of us had heard, but we figured they would be inland somewhere. Mom emailed to let us know they were OK at about 9:30am this morning. It was good to hear from you – we were wondering!:

    We are in the hotel in Orlando. Lights keep going out. Wind is howling and things are banging on the roof. Our place at home is still standing–some people rode out the storm there and the phone there still works, but there’s no electricity. Melbourne was hammered in this one. Dad has a flight scheduled to China on Tues. AM. When he goes, he’ll be gone a month. We’ll stay here until then for sure. At least, that’s our plan of the moment. Mom.

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