New Orleans – Hurricane Katrina

I have a friend, LeRoy Hartley, who is an attorney in New Orleans. We met about 16 years ago, when I working on a schooner in Bar Harbor, Maine. Several phone calls and emails have gone unanswered. Considering the chaos of Hurricane Katrina and lack of utilities in the area, I hope that yourself, your family, and loved ones are well, and simply unable to return the messages.

If anyone does happen to know LeRoy, and if he is well, please post a comment or send me and email. LeRoy lives at 1805 Esplanade Avenue.

Our thoughts are with you, and all of those affected by Katrina.

Update: I found from a tab added on that there is 3 feet of water at 1824 Esplanade. Google maps added a Katrina satellite link with updated photos, including the flood water.

Update 2: LeRoy seems to be well and has stayed at his home throughout this ordeal. Thanks for the update, Jim!

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  1. Hello, Leroy is a good friend of mine. Believe it or not, I saw him yesterday at his home on Esplanade. He is refusing to leave his home. Threatening in a boisterous manner (as only Leroy can do) that he`ll kill anyone that steps foot on his property. Concurrent to this he`ll talk about his previous military experience with military in the area. The powers that be don`t know what to do with him yet. He has some minor media exposure at this time. It may be shut off though – if that happens and it`s shut down – I don`t know. No flooding got into any living areas in his home. No water around his home now. He has food and water and a bottle of 2001 Boisrenard that I brought him. (he likes that wine). I fear for him – he could end up dead or a hero. It`s more desolate than you could ever imagine there. He`s OK at this time.

  2. Addendum, No landlines work there now. He, ahh, recently received a generator and can power up his cell phone. I haven`t been able to get through – rings but goes to a mailbox that`s full.

  3. Russell Levy talked to Leroy this morning on his cell phone. You can reach Russell Levy at 714 649-3085 after 6 pm california time. Leroy has asked about Michael if your number ends with 4437 he asked me to give you a call.

  4. Mary Francis just called me back, and I let her know that LeRoy was OK. She posted a request on MSNBC’s Katrina Search page looking for info, and I left a message with her, this morning, after reading the above comments. Sounded like this was the first news that she had 🙂 Glad I could help!

    I also spoke with Lynell Gall, this morning – she posted on the Red Cross search site, and she had already heard that LeRoy was well.


  5. I live in San Antonio, and my in-laws have a condo on the beach in Port Aransas, so we are all trying to get ready, too…

    Thanks for the note!

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