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I have been a big ncftp user for many years, and I am really starting to like lftp – escaping the lftp shell for command-line access and the way lftp maintains session persistance through re-authentication have made me a believer.

I found a little mirroring issue with the Smarty cache from the CMS application, CMSMadeSimple, that I am using for a site, and found the following works nicely to mirror to my local working directory, while excluding the Smarty cache files:

lftp michael@ftp.blah.net:/www.blah.net/web/content/cms> mirror --no-umask -x tmp/templates_c/* -e
Total: 138 directories, 1004 files, 0 symlinks
Removed: 0 directories, 3 files, 0 symlinks
lftp michael@ftp.blah.net:/www.blah.net/web/content/cms>

I need to tinker a little with reverse mirroring options to get things just right 😉


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