I’m Going to Debconf(12)

I’m going to Debconf! (Debconf12 in Managua, Nicaragua..)

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Today is the official deadline to reconfirm attendance at Debconf11 in Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina and I have, sadly, decided not to attend this year. I had rescheduled my university summer classes around Debconf, did a trial run of a week’s travel in California with only my laptop backpack (complete success), and was generally excited for the last 3 months about the upcoming Debian work and camaraderie. I was graciously offered a provisional travel sponsorship by Debian, and I greatly appreciate the recognition of my contribution. I was one of the provisional “maybe, if we get additional funds” group of 12 people, and due to the high cost of travel to Banja Luka from the US, I just couldn’t justify risking that amount of money out of pocket. I do hope that some additional funds are located for the rest of the folks waiting for possible sponsorship, and that the money intended for my travel costs can be found and used by another person (or two) to attend.

I look forward to Debconf12 and will most certainly be there!

PS – I will be attending Debconf11, remotely, as much as I possibly can, via IRC (mshuler on irc.oftc.net) and the awesome Debconf Video Team 🙂