Thanks, Chris

I received an email, today, that I wanted to share:

Subject: Your baby daughter
From: Chris Collingwood
Date: 03/06/2002 09:17 AM


I had a brilliant time reading your website notes. How I wish this technology was available when my two were born (Ryan – natural deliver 1 July 1983, and Nicolette – C-section 2 March 1989). If you really feel driven, you can see the little out of date site I put up for my grandson (Emergency C-section 19 June 2001)( Tracy is my step-daughter.

I came upon your site from reading postings to the BLT maillist. I have a thing about going to look at interesting websites (like yours).

Chris Collingwood

East Coast South Africa

Michelle and I got a kick out of your note, Chris, thank you for writing!



Mary Kate – thank you for all of your incredible help! You made our first week at home with Roxane a very nice little ‘baby honeymoon’. I have sat in the office a couple of times, to load some new photos on the server, and seem to not get very far these days… Too much baby-TV to watch! Hours of entertainment… Mom, thanks for the laugh last night – great story! For everyone else, my Mom told me about when my big brother, Dave, was first brought home. The first time Mom needed my Dad to watch Dave for a little while, she set David down with Dad on the couch. Dad was quietly reading the newspaper, and my Mom said, “Talk to David for a while.” Dad looked puzzled, and replied, “I don’t know what to talk to him about!” Mom told him, “If you can’t think of anything to say, then just read him the newspaper!” 🙂 Mom says, Dad read the newspaper to Dave for days! Then she said, by the time they had me and my twin brother, Matt, that Dad knew what to talk about by then… 🙂


Little Soul


What a wonderful couple of days it has been! You are an amazing little soul. You seem to already know how to smile, you can be very serious, and you are incredibly attentive. You can move your head around like a pro! The docs and nurses have all cooed over you and your Mom. Well, you get to come home tomorrow, and Grandma Mary Kate will be here on Friday to help get you settled in. It will be very nice to have you home – can’t wait! Thanks to everyone for all the notes, flowers, and well wishes!



– Michelle is finally sleeping on her back, with you in her arms…


You are positively beautiful! Today has been a dream… I have cried many times today. You are a precious gift, and I will cherish the wisdom of life that comes from watching you grow. May your heartsong be clear and strong – for I have already heard you humming the first melody…