Thanks, Chris

I received an email, today, that I wanted to share:

Subject: Your baby daughter
From: Chris Collingwood
Date: 03/06/2002 09:17 AM


I had a brilliant time reading your website notes. How I wish this technology was available when my two were born (Ryan – natural deliver 1 July 1983, and Nicolette – C-section 2 March 1989). If you really feel driven, you can see the little out of date site I put up for my grandson (Emergency C-section 19 June 2001)( Tracy is my step-daughter.

I came upon your site from reading postings to the BLT maillist. I have a thing about going to look at interesting websites (like yours).

Chris Collingwood

East Coast South Africa

Michelle and I got a kick out of your note, Chris, thank you for writing!