Gaim with SSL on Slackware-Current

Recently, Pat removed Mozilla-1.7.5 from Slackware-Current and replaced it with Mozilla-Firefox-1.0.1. I use a Jabber server that only accepts SSL connections, and after the upgrade to Mozilla-Firefox, Gaim failed to connect with the error, “SSL support unavailable”.

root@slack 11:51:10 ~ # echo /usr/lib/firefox >> /etc/
root@slack 11:51:21 ~ # ldconfig

Gaim finds the nss and nsspr libs and the connection works perfectly, again 🙂

Slackware Update

Patrick V. is slowly working back into the swing of things. The folks have moved their site to another host, and the donated server will be retired. My mirror may be dated, since name resolution for failed for many days, and I disabled my sync script, after tiring of the error emails. I will check out their rsync setup in a day or so.

I wish Patrick the very best, and a steady recovery.

Slackware Security Updates – cont.

I donated a server for the team, and the site is now coming from Rackspace. The slacksec admins have set up a mirror of the official GUS-BR packages, which is available via rsync. You can also grab the official Slackware updates mirrored here:

(links removed – no longer available)

Slackware Security Updates

Pat V. emailed a group of Slackware collaborators in Brazil and tasked them with keeping official package updates while he is working on getting better. The updates are currently only available via HTTP, and a few attempts to mirror with wget get a bunch of html junk files, as usual.

The team and the GUS team are, currently, talking about working together, and I will follow this closely, so that the package mirror will, hopefully, contain what is going to be considered “official” updates.

Warm Regards,

Slackware Security Mirror

In Patrick Volkerding’s absence, due to his health, a number of Slackware users started to keep up with security concerns. I set up a local mirror of the slacksec packages and they are available via http and ftp:

(links removed – no longer available)