Firefox and Thunderbird on Slackware-10.0

Recently, I upgraded my Slackware-9.1 workstation with a fresh install of Slackware-10.0. A couple of the applications that I use heavily are Mozilla’s Firefox and Thunderbird, so these got fresh installs, as well. A quick copy of my old bookmarks file is all I need to restore Firefox, and I use IMAP for email, so all messages are kept on the servers, and all I need to do is set up the accounts.

Unlike the full Mozilla suite (browser/email together) Firefox and Thunderbird are standalone applications that are not aware of one another, so the frustrating tasks of copying email addresses from a bowser to the email client, and copying URL’s from emails to a browser are things that I just lived with. Some desktops, like Gnome have some global configuration’s for filetypes that can make setting default applications pretty easy, but I am a Fluxbox user – fast and no fluff – so there are no global application settings.

After reading through reams of forum posts and scripts, I found a pair of simple scripts, and created user.js configs for each application to call the other appropriately. Read on for the details and scripts!
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My typical day at the desktop

Just for fun, I thought I would share my typical day at the desktop… This is only one of the six virtual desktops I run – no fancy window transparencies and silly graphical monitor thingies – clean, fast, and strictly business 😉

desktop bling
(added 2/2/05)
The above is still exactly how my workstation is running at the office, but recently, I picked up a new Dell 600m, and decided to run some fluxbox eye candy – enjoy!

Create Your Own Login

I finished up the configuration so you can create your own login for pbandjelly! You can set up your own user on the Create Login (link removed) page and after you get your welcome email, you can edit your own password, settings, and comments. If you want to add articles, then all I need to do is add your user as a blog team member!

I am starting to really like Nucleus. Much nicer than many of the bigger CMS apps I have tried, in my opinion, and it appears that some of the more popular portals, like Postnuke, are moving to a much more sparse default look and feel. With the advent of web-enabled mobile phones and wireless PDAs, simple, mostly test-based, web sites are on the rise. After all, content is king!

Michael is now a WordPress user 😉