Bumping Along…


Today, I am working on photos, and wanted to add a couple of notes. Roxane, you are so tolerant of Michelle and I, as we learn about what you like / dislike – and you travel well! You put up with us when we want to take you out for strolls, fussing with your little fleece jumper and hat, getting you strapped in the stroller, and getting going in general. You seem to like the actual strolling part, and look around for a while, then fall asleep – only to wake up as soon as you stop bumping along! It is fun to take you places. You had your first little trip away from home, last weekend, when we took you up to the hot springs at Indian Springs. Michelle and I swapped babysitting in the hotel with you and Mercy-dog, while the other went up to the caves to soak away the kinks in the body and the mind. This was the first time that Michelle’s docs let her hot-tub since surgery, so it was especially relaxing for her. We also visited the little store in Idaho Springs, Rocky Mountain Log Furniture, where we first decided that we were ready to start a family. We were visiting the hot springs on Thanksgiving in 2000, and talking while shopping in town, when in the back room of this store we finally said to each other, “Let’s have a baby.” We cried and hugged, and were so emotional that we couldn’t get it together enough to actually buy something that day. So, last weekend, we went back to find a couple of mementos of our decision to have you, Sprout. How happy we are! Michelle found a very special little faerie, who is holding a leaf as an umbrella. I picked out a river stone pendant that has a Cloud Man petroglyph carved on the front – he represents the seasons and change. The changes we have experienced in the last couple of years have been great, and we have cherished every moment.