New Tricks!


We need to catch everone up! You have been great fun in the last month. Grandma Linda, Grandpa Ben, and Uncle Dave all came to see you for a week in February, and they had a great time feeding, burping, changing, and talking to you. Thanks Mom and Dad for all you have done, and for coming and spending a great week with us. Michelle and I respect the experience you have, and your wise advice. Dave, you were absolutely radiant while you were with Roxane, and you are going to make a wonderful dad! (Michelle says, “Sucker!”) Thanks Mom, Dad, and Dave for helping us through a tough couple of days with Roxane’s little irritated bum. We were glad you were here to take Roxane to Children’s Hospital with Michelle – that would have been tough without Dr. Mom! The result of Roxane’s tests were dairy and soy allergies – so much for most formulas on the market! We have since been using Nutramagen mixed with goat’s milk with no problems, and you can’t get enough! We also started mixing in some rice cereal, once during the day and once before bed, and you are sleeping a solid 4-5 hours at night.

Uncle Tom and Aunt Sally came for a visit the next weekend and brought you your first quartz crystal and a very cool wolf stuffed animal. You also got several visits from friends and neighbors, and everyone thinks you are the cutest baby. (Your Mom and I think so, too!)

The card that Tom and Sally gave you, reads, “All of our Blessings for a beautiful new addition to the family. Your mom & dad’s watchful eyes will guide you, Little Buffalo. Enjoy seeing all that is to come and Love as you are greatly Loved. Sally and Tommy-San” Michelle and I had a good cry after reading this… Thank you both for all your love – you are two truly lovely souls. Tom, I am so grateful I decided to come to Colorado to spend a month with you (…six years ago).

Now for your new tricks! About two weeks ago, you started smiling a little, and now I count smiles that I get in the morning to gauge my day – today is about a 15-Smile Day! Only a few days ago you started mimicking my little sing-song, “Luna says, Me-Ow – Mercy says, Woof-Woof.” You make a little circle with your mouth and say, “Ooo-Ooo!” So, I guess we could say your first word is Woof! And at 8 weeks old – your so advanced…! Michelle and I took you to the Rec Center last night, and you got your first swim. You seemed to like it just fine – amazing how well little babies float! You also looked very cute in your little gingham bathing suit with a big daisy on the front. Well, I hope that catches everyone up a bit – I hope to spend some time tomorrow loading more pictures on the server.